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Amazing! This $7 Defrosting Tray Thaws Food in Minutes! No Longer Waiting for Hours

Non-stick Kitchen Fast Defrosting Tray

I absolutely hate waiting for things to defrost.

It’s painful because the only recourse is just to have it sit in the fridge and take hours or I could risk having it thaw on a countertop (According to USDA guidelines, don’t keep raw meat/poultry at room temp for more than two hours, as bacteria will begin to multiply when the food is thawed), sometimes I’m even in a rush to throw it into hot water for quick thawing.

Every guy who often does a lot of food preps may wonder –

How could the frozen food thaw quickly? How to thaw rapidly without affecting the taste of the food?

As we know, it takes 4 or more hours to defrost food naturally at room temperature, but it is easy to grow germs over the long waiting time.

Thawing food with cold/hot water will be a little faster, but it is more likely to lose food nutrition, let alone thawing food with microwave oven, yep it’s fast but destroys the food nutrients and loses the original taste.

Sometimes, I wanted to make something delicious and took the food out of the freezer, but after an hour or two, the food was still frozen. Oh, it really drives me banana. However, I told myself to calm down and forget it. With all my enthusiasm for cooking run out, I’d better order a takeout.

Actually, I also know that, as long as I took the meat out of the freezer and put it in the cool fridge before going out in the morning, I don’t need to defrost it anymore. I can start cooking directly right when I come back from work in the evening.

However, most times, I start my day by jumping out of bed, late as usual, and rushing to get myself ready, and running out the door to come into work late, completely forget about the frozen food that should be thawed for dinner food prep.

Thankfully, my friend Donna recommended to me a Non-stick Kitchen Fast Defrosting Tray last month. It’s been said that this kitchen food thawing plate can thaw the food quickly without plugging in electricity or being soaked in water, without affecting the taste of the food.

Non-stick Kitchen Fast Defrosting Tray

Impressive features:

1. Fast defrosting

2. Healthy – maintain the food’s freshness and nutrition

3. Energy-saving, no electricity and batteries required

4. Unbeatable price (I researched it, the lowest price at this size)

When I first saw this defrosting tray, I was still a little skeptical (Oh, my friend Donna, I didn’t mean to doubt you, trust me). I was just thinking – it’s just a panel that looked ordinary, could it really thaw the food quickly?

So I put an ice cube on a defrosting tray and an ordinary chopping board separately, still with suspicion.

And then, something incredible happened, the ice cube on the fast defrosting melted fast, and I could see it clearly with my eyes.

Non-stick Kitchen Fast Defrosting Tray ICE

Wow, I was stunned at that fast!

In less than five minutes, the ice on the regular chopping board was as frozen as ever, while the ice on the fast-defrosting tray had all melted into water.

Then I took out a bag of frozen pork from the refrigerator and put one on the regular chopping board and one on the thawing board.

The pork thawing is not as obvious as ice, but after about 10 minutes, the pork on the regular chopping board is still frozen, but the pork on the thawing plate is thawed enough to be easily cut with a knife.

Non-stick Kitchen Fast Defrosting Tray MEAT

With this Non-stick Kitchen Fast Defrosting Tray, all the beef, chicken, fish, pork, and all kinds of frozen foods can be thawed quickly.

However, the thawing time varies from one ingredient to another, and if you wish the thawing time of an entire chicken is the same as that of a piece of pork, that’s impossible.

I was so curious about the thawing time that I counted the total thawing time for some different meats. It took 3 minutes to thaw the ice, 15 minutes to thaw an entire fish, 18 minutes to thaw pre-cut tenderloin strips and tuna chops, 20 minutes to thaw a large piece of pork and 25 minutes to thaw a steak… (it seems a long time for some foods, but defrosting food on the fast-defrosting tray is really much faster than putting it on the chopping board).

Non-stick Kitchen Fast Defrosting Tray FISH

For sliced, or flat and not so thick raw meat, the thawing effect will be more obvious.

For example, the steak thawed well, and in less than 8 minutes, the pre-thinned steak was thawed moderately, while the thick steak was still frozen.

It’s very simple to thaw frozen food. All you have to do is to take the frozen food out of the fridge and put it directly on top of the Non-stick Kitchen Fast Defrosting Tray. In no need of any complex operation and processing, the food will be thawed quickly on this non-stick defrosting board.

Yes, you read it right. Neither electricity nor battery is required. It’s just a thawing plate that looks like a chopping board.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

The fast-defrosting tray is 230mm long and 165mm wide, almost as the same size as my iPad mini, and it is about half the size of our home chopping board.

The surface adopts an innovative grooved design to keep the liquids in, and also keep the countertop clean.

Meanwhile, we could effectively put an end to the breeding of bacteria, and do the cleaning effortlessly.

I understand that this defrosting tray works similar to the heat dissipation principle of aircraft engines, mainly using the special materials to improve the heat-exchange efficiency.

The fast-defrosting tray is made of HDF aviation-grade alloy, which has strong heat conduction and is 10 times higher than that of ordinary metal. It speeds up the heat exchange between foods and makes the frozen ingredients achieve the fastest natural thawing effect.

Thus, compared with both natural thawing at room temperature and microwave oven thawing, this fast defrosting tray maximally maintains the freshness and nutrition of the food.

As the test I mentioned before, defrosting food on the fast-defrosting board was 6 to 9 times faster than that of the normal chopping board. And the larger is the contact area between the food and the thawing board, the better is the thawing effect.

Therefore, I suggest you guys remove the packaging bag when defrosting, and you’d better flip the food ingredients at intervals so that each side of the ingredients has good contact with the thawing board. In this way, you can thaw the food faster.

Defrosting food in this type of physical thawing method is safe and healthy. No electricity and battery required, it’s environmentally-friendly and will not affect the food taste and nutrition at the same time, it is a must-have in the kitchen.
If you want to get the frozen food ready as soon as possible, this fast-defrosting tray is your choice.

Moreover, the tray itself is not heavy, so it’s easy to get in touch daily.

There’s a small hole. You can just hang it up on the wall or your storage rack.


1. Do not use this defrosting tray as a chopping board. It is not suggested to cut vegetables and meat directly on the tray to not destroy the thawing board.

2. Do not brush it with steel balls and other silver tools, because the nano surface may be brushed off to affect the thawing efficiency. Generally speaking, it can be washed directly with clean water, but as the raw meat was once-placed on, it would be better to wash it with soapy water to be safe from cross-contamination.

If you want to have your frozen food quickly thawed and get ready to cook immediately, this practical fast-defrosting tray won’t let you down.


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Non-stick Kitchen Fast Defrosting Tray – Black


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